Central Executive

  • The Central Executive shall consist of the six (6) Elected National Officers of the Association and in addition fourteen (14) delegates elected by the Districts/Branches. The functions of the Central Executive are as follows:
    1. to carry out the instructions and policies of the Conference of Delegates and the General Council in the day-to-day affairs of the Association.
    2. to receive monthly progress reports of the Association’s Standing Committees, and to supervise the work of these Committees within the policy guidelines of the Association.
    3. to keep the General Council advised on all matters affecting the affairs of the Association.
    4. to determine the Bankers of the Association and to nominate three (3) persons, in addition to the Treasurer, to be signatories to the Association’s accounts.
    5. in emergencies when the General Council cannot be summoned, to authorize expenditure not in excess of such amount as has been fixed by the Conference of Delegates.
    6. in emergencies, when the General Council cannot be summoned, to take decisions or initiate procedures in the interest of the Association, industrial action excluded.
    7. to recommend a course of industrial action to the General Council when, having heard the Industrial Relations Committee, it sees such action as conducive to the cause of education.
    8. to admit individuals to Ordinary Membership in the Association.   This duty may be routinely delegated to the President and the Third Vice-President, but the Executive shall retain the right of final decision.
    9. to invite other Groups/Associations to Associate Membership.
    10. to make appointments to the permanent posts of Office Staff.
    11. to recommend to the General Council the establishment of posts of Temporary Appointed Officers, and to nominate persons thereto.
    12. to prescribe the manner of promulgation amongst members of amendments and/or interpretations of these Rules.
  • Each month, the Central Executive, acting through the Third Vice-President shall forward to the Elections Commission lists of new members and of those who have lost or withdrawn their membership.
  • The Central Executive has the power to appoint ad hoc Sub-Committees without prior reference to the General Council. But where these Sub-Committees require the expenditure of funds, their reports must be presented to the General Council. Funds made available to these Sub-Committees must not exceed the limits of the competence of the Central Executive.