General Council

The General Council of the Association consist of all members of the Central Executive, thirty-seven (37) other members elected by the DSRAs and Branches, two (2) delegates from the Retirees Section, and one (1) additional member from each teacher education institution having one hundred and fifty (150) or more financial members.

The functions of the General Council are as follows:

  1. to direct the Central Executive in the implementation of the policy guidelines established by the Conference of Delegates.
  2. to appoint the Standing Committees of the Association
  3. to appoint interim National Officers to vacancies that might arise from time to time.
  4. to consider reports from the Central Executive and from the Sub-Committees appointed by the Central Executive.
  5. to initiate and supervise measures affecting the welfare of the Association that may arise between Conferences of Delegates. Where these measures involve the expenditure or investment of the Association’s funds, the limits set by the Conference of Delegates must be carefully adhered to.
  6. on the recommendation of the Central Executive, to decide on a course of industrial action, or alternatively to refer the matter to the next Annual Conference or a Special Conference of Delegates.
  7. to interpret the Rules of the Association. These interpretations must be submitted for ratification to the following Conference of Delegates (cf. Rule 23). Meanwhile they are binding on the Association.
  8. to appoint Committees not listed in Rule 17, in so far as these are judged to be necessary.
  9. in emergencies when the matter cannot wait till the next Conference of Delegates, to approve extraordinary expenditures not foreseen in the budget, but within the limits fixed by the Conference of Delegates.
  10. to deal with disciplinary matters referred to it by the Disciplinary Committee.
  11. to see to the implementation of a proper Code of Ethics for teachers. This Code should be kept under constant review.
  12. to admit other Groups or Associations to Associate Membership.
  13. to invite persons to Honorary Membership.
  14. to establish posts of Temporary Appointed Officers.
  15. To fix the date for the Annual Conference of Delegates.