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The President


The President shall:

  1. preside at all meetings of the Conference of Delegates, General Council and Central At these meetings he shall have an original and a casting vote.
  2. preside at the National Staff Representatives’ Convention, and all general meetings of the
  3. supervise and co-ordinate the affairs and activities of the Association and ensure the proper functioning of all Districts, Branches and
  4. have special responsibility for the Public Relations and the International Relations of the Association. He shall be Chairman of the Publicity and Public Relations
  5. bear direct responsibility for the management of the Association’s offices. Other Officers who are placed in charge of sub-offices shall report to the
  6. have the right, unless explicitly excluded by these Rules, to attend all meetings of the Association, its Committees and its Administrative Units, but without the right to The President is specially encouraged to visit the meetings of the District/Branch Executives and District Staff Representatives’ Associations.
  7. in an emergency, when the Central Executive or the Finance Committee cannot be summoned, and in agreement with the Treasurer, have the authority to authorize an extraordinary expenditure within the limits set by the Conference of Delegates. (cf Rules 9 (iii) d) and 13.5 (i) d)).
  8. replace the Third-Vice-President as Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee when the latter is the subject of an
  9. supervise the work of the Education and Research (cf Rule 7.3 (i), (iii)).