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The General Secretary


The General Secretary shall:

  1. provide for the taking of proper minutes of all meetings of which he is a member, and for the keeping of records of the attendance of members at these
  2. be responsible for the proper keeping of reports and the records of meetings of the Association and of its various Administrative Units as
  3. be ex-officio secretary to the Professional Advancement Committee, the Credentials Committee and the Central Education
  4. serve as secretary to the Special Tribunal and to the Appeals Committee but shall not have the right to take part in their deliberations or to vote. (cf Rules 4 (xiii) c) and (xviii) b)). be Chairman of the Caribbean Union of Teachers
  5. remind the Districts/Branches, at the appropriate time, of meetings they are to hold in accordance with the Constitution, and of the business to be attended to by these
  6. receive from Districts/Branches written reports of meetings referred to in Clause f)
  7. ensure that a meeting of the Elections Commission be convened not later than the middle of March in each (cf Rule 15.6).
  8. prepare a draft Annual Report for the Conference of Delegates. This draft requires the approval of the Central Executive before the Report is submitted to the
  9. summon special meetings of the Conference of Delegates, General Council and Central Executive when requested to do so (Rules 8.10 (i), 8.11 (v) a) and 8.12 (ii) b).
  10. notify all members in a manner determined from time to time by the Central Executive, of all amendments and/or interpretations of the Rules approved by the Conference of (cf Rule 8.12 (v)1) and 19.3).
  11. perform such other duties as may be ascribed to him by the Central