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The Treasurer


The Treasurer shall:

  1. see that proper Accounts of the Association’s finances are kept and that financial statements are presented to the Central Executive and the General Council at all their statutory
  2. in particular, supervise the work of the Accounts Department in all that pertains to the finances of the Association.
  3. be the ex officio secretary of the Finance Committee (cf. Rule 17.4 (iii) b)) and the Investment Management (cf. Rule 17.4 (xxi) a)).
  4. be a member of the Group Health Management
  5. cause the Association’s books to be presented for audit to the Association’s auditors appointed at the previous Conference of
  6. cause the Association’s books to be presented for audit to the auditor appointed by the Registrar of Trade Unions at least three (3) months in advance of the Annual Conference of Delegates and he shall present the auditor’s report to that Conference.
  7. publish the auditor’s report.
  8. determine the latest dates for requests for appropriations in the following financial year, and shall inform in writing the various Committees, Districts, Branches and the Elections Commission of these dates in good time for the preparation of their requests.
  9. cause to be prepared an annual budget to be submitted for approval to the Annual Conference of Delegates and shall supervise the Association’s expenditures in accordance with the approved budget.
  10. after consultation with the Finance Committee and the Trustees of the Association, make recommendations to the Central Executive for the extraordinary deployment of funds not foreseen in the budget.
  11. authorise an extraordinary expenditure not exceeding the sum fixed from time to time by the Conference of Delegates, in cases of emergency and when the Central Executive cannot be conveniently summoned to an extraordinary meeting, and in agreement with the President. (cf Rule 13.5 (i) d)).
  12. be one of the designated signatories on the Association’s Accounts.
  13. make available to financial members the books of the Association not more than seven (7) days after he has received their written (cf Rule 14.2 (i)).