The Annual Conference of Delegates

The Conference of Delegates shall:

  1. determine the policy of the Association on matters referred to it by the General
    Council or by the Central Executive.
  2. determine from time to time the registration fees and monthly dues in the
  3. have the exclusive right to levy special contributions on members in accordance
    with Rule 13.9.
  4. set limits to the authority of the President and Treasurer, the Central Executive and
    the General Council in the extraordinary expenditure of the Association’s funds.
  5. set limits to the authority of the Central Executive, and the General Council in
    making or transferring investments.
  6. have the final right of approval of the regulations, submitted to it by the Elections
    Commission, for the proper conduct of the Association’s National Elections.
  7. have the exclusive right to make amendments to the Constitution.
  8. be the final arbiter on all matters of interpretation of the Rules of the Association.
  9. appoint members of the Association to serve on the Special Tribunal in accordance
    with Rule 17.4 (xviii).
  10. determine the rebates, if any, that are to be made to the various Districts from the
    dues of members in their Districts.