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TTUTA Anthem

We build this nation, with our work so true,
Teaching, caring, moulding as we alone can do.
All the doctors and lawyers, thieves and dropouts know,
That the work of teachers, beyond teaching must go.

We know, we know, that love unites,
We will never grow cold, in the service of our schools.
Yet our needs must be met, and our status improved,
We will never grow cold, for TTUTA and our schools.

One Union for all teachers, is our simple claim,
Promoting their welfare, regardless of the pain.
Professionalism, concerted action too,
Giving our young charges, their just and rightful due.

Teachers of the past, our hearts go out to you,
We are carrying the fight, as you’ll want us to do.
Teachers of tomorrow, this we entrust to you:
Whatever you may do, to your TTUTA be true.


Lyrics composed by
Ronald Richardson
February 1981