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TTUTA Prayer

(November 1994)

Almighty God, You are the beginning and end of all things and the source of everything that we have and everything that we are.

We thank you for having allowed us to be members of the teaching profession and for entrusting to us the education of our young people.

We recognize the greatness of our vocation as well as the serious responsibility placed on our shoulders, and while mindful of our own limitations, we promise You, O God, always to strive to improve our skills with which you have endowed us.

Strengthen us when our ideals seem to be falling or when we tend to look at things in a negative way.

Help us, O God to be true examples, in deed as well as in word, to our students, and to have a special care for those whose family life is defective or non-existent.

Bless our Association and give to all our Officers and members joy in the work of education.

Help us, finally, O God, to be true friends to our fellow teachers and grant, when you call us out of this world, we may come to you to receive the eternal reward which, in your infinite mercy, you have prepared for us.