In a nutshell, Agency Shop Order (once instituted) would now mean that non-members will now have to pay a service charge to the Association. Key points to note for Agency Shop.
1. Agency Shop makes non union members pay their fair share for the work that the union does on their behalf. So members alone do not have to carry the cost of all the work done that benefits everyone.

2. Agency Shop will NOT raise the dues of existing members. Dues are linked to the salary of teachers and can only go up when salaries go up. The recent 4% was not enough to trigger any increase this time.

3. Agency Shop does not force non members to become members. So it does not affect freedom of association. It only makes them pay for services they already benefit from that are paid for by members alone at this time.

4. Agency Shop does not put the leadership of the union in a position to become complacent. There will still be elections every three years for National Officers and every year for all other positions so the power remains in the hands of teachers to change or keep leadership.

4. Agency Shop is NOT a reaction to the 4% since this request was made over 15 years ago. It is only now coming into being because the Recognition Board was unable to afford a traditional election and are now able to have an online election due to the advantage of technology.

5. Agency Shop is seeking fairness to union members whose dues up to now have been used to benefit non members.

🔴EVERYTIME TTUTA engages the employer there is a cost. Not only for salary negotiation but also for representation for the entire service to maintain and defend our terms and conditions.

🔴TTUTA is our only shield against the employer’s overreach and we must all pay our fair share.

🔴Vote for fairness and equity. Let everyone pay their fair share for representation.

🔴Unity is strength in an increasingly difficult environment.
Stand united and vote YES for Agency Shop and a brighter day for Teachers.

✅On Monday 5th June, 2023 check fac email for the voting link
✅ VOTE YES for the Agency Shop Order.

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