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UNLESS schooled in the theory and practice of government, many public officers, including teachers, and members of the public, sometimes find it difficult to understand the complex structure of the public service in its form and function.

Constitutional Reform and Education System (April 08, 2024)

THE AFTERMATH of SEA is a good introductory point to address the issue of constitutional reform as it pertains to the education system. Many education experts and commentators over the years have identified the SEA as an irrelevant and unnecessary high-stakes examination that only serves to perpetuate a two-tiered secondary school system that significantly assists in the continuance of a socioeconomic class differential; a social order that benefits sectoral interests.

TTUTA Updates – February, 2024

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TTUTA Updates – November 2023

• International Men’s Day – Say NO to
Male Suicide
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TTUTA Updates – February 2023

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• TTUTA on Tuesday – Ingredients of Schooling Success (31.01.2023)
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• Happy International Women’s Day 202

TTUTA Updates – January 2023

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• Reporting Structure re Heads of Departments and Deans at Secondary Schools
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• TTUTA on Tuesday – Sex Education (17.01.2023)
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• St. George East Denim Affair
• Tobago District : A Touch of Black – Carnival Cooler
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