Questions about:

Bank time and types of leave

When is bank time applicable?

The Actual payday and the succeeding 4 working days.

How much time is allocated to “bank time off”?

Two (2) hours in normal circumstances but the Principal can grant more time in special circumstances.

Are weekends counted with respect to Extended Sick Leave?

Yes they are.

Would I be paid while on Extended Sick Leave?

This is based on the nature of the illness the leave may be classified as no- pay, half-pay or full-pay.

How many days are allocated for the purpose of Bereavement Leave?

Three (3) days are allocated for within the same island; four (4) days interisland and five (5) days regional or international.

Who is referred to as immediate family in respect of Bereavement Leave?

Spouse, child, parents, including parents by adoption, guardian, brother, sister or ward of the teacher.

How much leave is allocated for Maternity Leave?

Fourteen weeks

When should the Education Professional inform the Employer of her date of expected confinement?

This information should be submitted to the employer in writing no later than eight week before the expected date of confinement.

How soon before the date of confinement can I proceed on Maternity Leave?

Six (6) weeks prior to the probable date of confinement as stated on the medical certificate.

Do I have to apply for time-off to attend prenatal medical appointments?

No, but a written document from a certified medical practitioner should be submitted to the employer to facilitate such time-off. Please note that there is no time limit on how much time can be approved on any given date of appointment.

How much Paternity Leave am I entitled to?

Four (4) working days on or about the time that your spouse/ partner gives birth.

Registration and lateness

Who can write in the comment section of the Teachers’ Attendance Register ?

Any member of Teaching Staff.

When am I considered late for work?

For Primary Schools, anytime after 8.30 in the AM session and anytime after 12.30 in the PM session. For Secondary Schools, anytime after 8.10 in the AM session and anytime after 12.15 in the PM session.

If I sign a log entry, does it mean I agree?

No, signing a log entry simply means that you have seen its contents.

Can I respond to a logbook entry?

Yes! Because the log entry is official correspondence, it can be responded to in writing.

Am I entitled to a copy of any entry made about me?


Staff reports

When is my Staff Report due?

Sixty (60) days before your incremental date. For persons who were appointed or promoted before 2000, their incremental date would be January 1st. For persons who were appointed or promoted after 2000, their incremental date will be the date on which they were appointed or promoted.

When should I sign my Staff Report?

Once in agreement with the grades assigned and the reporting officer has signed and stamped the document, you may sign the staff Report. N.B. Do not sign blank Staff Reports or Staff Reports that are done in pencil.

What happens when I disagree with the grades assigned to me, in the Staff Report?

You can treat it as a grievance using the prescribed steps.

Am I entitled to a copy of my completed Staff Report?