Joining the Retirees

Mandate and objectives

  • The main objective of the Retirees Section shall be to organize activities and pursue initiatives that will improve the lot of its members and the Association.
  • The Retirees Section shall operate within the framework of the Association and its activities shall be consistent with the general policies of the Association. It shall work in close collaboration with the Elected National Officers.
  • The Retirees Section may work closely with other kindred organizations to advance the cause of its members.

How to join

  1. Complete the application form available at anyone of our offices.
  2. Dues are paid yearly (calendar year). Presently the fee is $150/year.
  3. Members of the Retirees’ Section are entitled to the TTUTA death benefit which is currently $10,000.

Download application form

Download application Form for Retiree