Benefits & Welfare

The office of the Third Vice President is charged with the responsibility of sourcing benefits that can be afforded to all our members. The aim of the department is to ensure that members are given the opportunity to choose.

Members must be able to carefully examine the options available and make informed decisions and choose the one that best suits their needs. These include services that are offered by merchants through advertisements in our Discount Booklet and some that may be negotiated through other providers from time to time, these may include:

  • Special rates for home/motor insurance with various providers
  • Special rates on mortgages from providers
  • Discounted rates at some financial institutions

UNIMED Management Committee

As the representative of the Union on the UNIMED Management Committee, issues affecting the members of this Government instituted plan are brought to the forefront and discussed. Through discussions and negotiation, we are able to continue the struggle to ensure that the members of this plan can get the best that there is for all.

The department is always looking and willing to meet with providers of goods and services for members.

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